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Educare Banners
Final Educare Banners
Educare Banners 2
NH Banners 1
NH Banners 2
NH Banners 3
NH Banners 4
NH Banners 5
NH Banners 6


I was hired to design a series of 6 banners to be hung in the front windows for the opening of the Educare Central Maine facility. I found myself working with a committee. They had multiple rounds of edits (more than I expected) and many photo decisions. Once I had the basic layout and rainbow color scheme things fell into place.

I worked with one vendor to print the banners (which were initially printed incorrectly) and a local vendor to hang them. Once hung, they were quite striking.

Spark NH, an Early Childhood Advisory Council, saw the banners and hired me to create a set for them, along with brochures and other printed documents. It was exciting to see Hillary Clinton (I know!!!) standing in front of the pieces I designed when she was campaigning in New Hampshire.

Educare Central Maine is a high quality learning and development center partnering with families and communities to ensure school readiness for children birth to age five.

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