10 years ago I took over designing the program and all associated collateral for the Maine International Film Festival. It was my first BIG project as a freelance designer, but the Executive Director was extremely patient and we have excelled year after year.

The 50-60 page program is the biggest portion of the job every year, but I'm also responsible for converting original freelance (sometimes electronic/sometimes 2D) artwork to all the different elements: name badges, signage, t-shirts, brochures, ads, movie passes, posters, online artwork, lanyards, thank you notes, temporary tattoos and everything in between. Oh, and this all happens within a 4-6 week period...yikes!

It's quite the adrenaline rush to work until 4:00 a.m. formatting last minute ads, proofreading, moving pages, editing photos and adding film sponsors. Once the program is off to the printer I can finally relax and use my custom printed all-access pass to watch 20-25 movies during the 10 day festival.

During the most exciting 10 days of the year in Waterville, MIFF showcases the best 100 releases American independent and international cinema, encompassing world and U.S. premieres as well as classic revivals and inspiring performances, exhibitions, and community workshops. Our audiences have the unique opportunity to interface with directors, producers, writers, actors, and musicians who travel to Maine from across the globe. They engage with the community through film panels and discussions, parties and receptions, and educational programming.

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