Kathy Perelka creates stunning works of art. She and I were introduced by a mutual colleague who photographs her pieces. Each year I receive high-res photos of 12 beautiful pastels that Kathy has chosen to represent the coming year.


The first couple of years she decided to use 16 images, one for each county in Maine. I placed her artwork within the outline of each county to create the cover art. That's not as easy as it sounds.

Each year I look forward to seeing the pieces she has chosen. Her lupine artwork is my favorite...the purples are so rich and vibrant.

About Kathy: "I love pastel's immediacy and vibrancy. I love the way the stick feels in my hand and that there is no brush or pencil or implement of any kind between my hands and the surface I’m working on. Pastel has a sparkle that no other medium can compare to; each little particle reflects both color and light giving the painting a life force of its own."

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