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Original Artwork by Serena
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Meridians Signage
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The inception of a new business is always an exciting time. My friends David, Nate & Josh opened a beer and wine shop a few years ago. They brought me in only a few weeks before opening. Another friend, Serena Sanborn, created linocut artwork that the guys wanted to use as the basis for their signage and identity.

I vectorized the amazing artwork in Illustrator and cleaned it up a bit. Once I found the perfect typeface it all fell into place. Since then the artwork has been hand painted on the wall in the shop, etched into glassware and utilized in all forms of advertisement and collateral.

It can be complicated to work with friends. There's a fine line between friendship and a client relationship. Luckily I have fantastic, artistic, patient friends.

Meridians is a fun, friendly neighborhood shop, that carries a wide variety of wine and beer that match any budget. David, Nate, and Josh opened Meridians in 2014 with the intention of providing central Maine with fine wine, beer, and foods that deliver not only fantastic tastes and experiences, but also stories about land, people, and places.

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