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Silent Souls Movie Poster
The Congressman Movie Poster
Girls Rock Movie Poster
Gypsy Caravan Movie Poster
Pelican Dreams Movie Poster


I love movies, but I had no experience designing movie posters. I've since designed or worked on about 10 movie posters. The challenge each time has been working for the distribution company while being cognizant of the filmmaker's wants and needs without directly communicating with the filmmaker.

I learned how to communicate better with my client, the proper size of a movie poster, how complicated the MPAA rating system is and that Trebuchet really is one of the most widely used movie title typefaces.

Shadow Distribution is a small, specialized film distribution company located in Waterville, Maine, dedicated to releasing unusual, great films. Founded in 1988, the company has distributed some of the best independent and foreign films of the last two decades.

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