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Firearms Brochure

16-page brochure highlighting the many achievements of the James D. Julia, Inc. Firearms Division

February 2011 Catalog Cover



As the Senior Graphic Designer at James D. Julia, Inc. for 14 years I collaborated with the marketing director, a graphic designer and the 3 members of our photography team to successfully market over $500,000,000 worth of high-end antiques at one of the top ten auction houses in North America.


I designed nine to eleven 400-800 page printed catalogs for three divisions per year, considered by many as the best in the industry.


I created and maintained the company brand, constantly improved complex processes, redesigned our website for maximum usability, maintained quality control of over 25,000 product photographs per year, designed product video advertisements, banners and all manners of print advertising, all under extremely tight deadlines.

Basically I poured my heart and soul (and more tears) into this position. I went above and beyond because Jim Julia created a family work environment where excellence was revered.

As of December 2017 James D. Julia, Inc, has merged with Morphy Auctions.

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February 2011 Catalog Cover