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Knotted Maple

Maple demi-sec

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I began working for Tree Spirits as their business was just starting. They asked me to design a logo and their first few labels. I was given a lot of discretion for the project. After a lot of research, scribbly sketches, late nights (and some tears), I presented them with only one logo idea (I know...bad designer!), but they loved it.

Once we decided the names for the first spirits, Applejack and  Knotted Maple, and the wines, Apple Extra Dry and Maple Extra Dry, we moved on to the labels. I was given carte blanche on design and label medium (a designer's dream). We chose a foil for some, gloss for others and even a spot foil for Maple Storm. There were some printing hiccups, but we all learned valuable proofing lessons.

We have collaborated to create over a dozen wine and spirits labels, all supporting collateral including brochures, merchandise, signage, posters and ads. Limoncello is the most recent addition to the family...and it's delicious!

Tree Spirits makes fine Maine wines and high proof spirits from Maine apples, pears and local maple syrup, They are the only distillers of Absinthe Verte in New England.

Winslow, Maine | | (207) 513-7059

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